On the Road, days 1 & 2

hey everyone! Im sending you all a hello from the open road! right now we are just leaving Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. This is the first state outside of Washington on our journey across the entire united states. Wahoo! A not so fun fact about Coeur D'Alene, it has a large white supremesy population. boo, not cool. Word on the street is that the kkk moved their headquarters there. Yikes.

On a lighter note, the Rushmore soundtrack is the best musical accompaniment for a long road trip. Thank god I brought a few cds because our ipod adapter broke immediately. we've also been listening to the Royal Tenembaums soundtrack. Wes Anderson has the best music taste. He is one of my artistic crushes :) When night fell last night, I conveniently procured my Harry Potter soundtrack. Oh yea, that's right. Who loves Harry Potter? Give me an amen! Let me tell ya, it is the best night time adventure music ever.

So the plan for today is to roll through beautiful Montana, climb the rocky mountains, wander into Wyoming, and then land in South Dakota. I'm so excited to see all these states! Right now we are stopping at evil demon Walmart to get some necessities. On the list: a new ipod adapter, two pillows and two blankets. We spent the night at a motel 6 last night and it was surprisingly expensive so tonight we are going to try to just sleep in the cab of the truck. Wa wa wa... I knew I should have taken a shower this morning. Dang it. Oh well. It's an adventure right?

Well here is signing out for today! I'll keep posting updates from the road on my Twitter and Facebook with accompanying photos. Did I mention that my phone takes awesome photos yet?

United States, here we come! Happy Trails my friends :)


Jessie said...

Did you pass through Sandpoint yet? That's my hometown!!!

Windsor Grace said...

Rushmore. Best. Movie. Ever.

Allie said...

Oh, nerd, I love you for listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack.

midori said...

oh guys~ Rushmore soundtrack is my favorite too!! drive safe.

Caitlin Mackenzie said...

That sounds like such a fun adventure! I love Montana, it is beautiful (especially Coeur D'Alene).