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allie and me!

Well looky here.  Allie, my friend in real life and in the blogging world, and I are gracing the pages/covers of some promotional material for our Alma Mater, Seattle Pacific University.  I didn't know 2 years ago, when the photos were taken, that I would end up being added to the ranks of friends who are used in SPU promos.  Goofy.  Also, we look sooooo dorky in that first shot.  SPU, you are Totes McGoats trying to attract weirdos like us aren't you.  Admit it.  Also, thanks for using my long bare legs in your "Summer Social" card that is going out to a bajillion people.  It's a good thing they are my favorite part of my body.  Ain't no shame!  I died laughing when I saw these photos, just about as much as I was laughing in that first photo.  Baha.


Allie said...

Ahhh, thanks for posting. SO funny. Apparently we are the poster children of our dear old school.

Suki said...


It's not really relevant to this post but I've been listening to your song 'Family Tree' lately & I really love it :)

Suki x