Road Trip Wardrobe

Just because I love organization sooooooo much, (my boyfriend is so going to make fun of me after seeing this post) I decided to plan out every outfit for my trip and photograph them all so that I couldn't over pack and so that I could utilize everything that I packed.  I know.  I am so nerdy, and way to excited by any form of organization, documentation, list making etc.  Whatever, photos are fun.  And clothes are too.  Here is what I wore on my trip, more or less :)


1. yes, I have jeggings. and to my bf: don't worry, I will never wear them around you, haha. They are just so comfy and perfect with a long shirt! No one has to know they are jeggings in real life...
2. I didn't end up bringing those shoes for day 8. waste of space, but fabulous shoes.
3. I ended up wearing the black boots in day 5, and the brown boots in day 6, just about everyday. The black boots go up to my kneesies. It was pretty grey and gloomy in NY for most of the days. I brought Seattle weather with me! Boo.

I love clothes. I should do some more fashion blogger style posts. What do you think?


Allie said...

Was your Day 7 outfit for a special event? It's a great outfit!

Margaret said...

I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES! Lets be neighbors and share:) I'm wearing jeggings right now. SO COMFY

andrea said...

I looooovvvvveeeee organization! I'm slightly OCD about lists and calenders.

And your clothes are wonderful.

Awmber said...

All of your clothes are so cute! I definitely think you should do more fashion posts, my dear.

konner said...

I've been looking at that scarf from H&M for months now. They used to have it in black, mustard, and maroon but it sold out too quick for me. Sigh.

Jenn Z. said...

Can I have all those outfits, even the jeggings?!!

Man, what a stylish road trip!

xo, Jenn

P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog; I am truly enjoying yours. Love finding new to me blogs!

Roxanne said...

WHERE did you get that awesome sweater on Day 7? Incredible outfits (and ps, I think jeggings are cute).

Soleil said...

I am loving the shoes in days 1, 3, 4, and 9! Where can I find those?