Secret Project Reveal: Four Little Pots!

It is time to let you in on the secret I've been hiding for the last month... Four Little Pots!  Kyla and I are super excited to finally be sharing it with you.  We've both put a ton of work into this project and are so happy to see it coming to a fruition today!

 Four Little Pots is an invitation to get passionate about food, and to get your hands dirty in the process! It’s a challenge- you grow dill, basil, lavender and mint this summer (in the complete package everything is provided, you just need four little pots) and the ebook will guide you through with stories about how I got into “slow food”, information on how to take care of your little plants, and recipes for when it’s time to eat! To be exact:
Four Little Pots is a beautifully illustrated eBook packed with stories, tips and recipes that’s designed to look amazing on a home printer.
Four Little Pots is a guided micro gardening & cooking project, no garden required.
{For a limited time} Four Little Pots is a package in the mail with the four types of seeds used in the project: dill, basil, mint & lavender.
For tons more information about Four Little Pots and how to get your own package (hurry before the complete package runs out!), head over to:


andrea said...

Moorea that's awesome! And your illustrations are beautiful!

MeeshOne.Love said...

This is fantastic! If my garden wasn't already lush and overflowing with happy plants I would totally be in! But I am definitely going to spread the word to my less saavy friends, I think this is a great starter kit!!
Peace. Respect. One <3.

Roxanne said...

This is *So* cute. I've already started my planting, but I want the little book just for the illustrations. Makin' me happy ladies! Love it!

Holly Knitlightly said...

That sounds awesome! I hope I'm not too late to join.