Shake It Baby


I want to BE Janelle Monae.
(my friend Pat with impeccable music taste showed me this video today. I WANT TO BE HER. She is SO cool.)

1.  Her style is perfect. I love too short trousers, fitted collared shirts, bow ties, sharp shoes and, AH, her hair is amazing!
2.  I really dig the sound.
3.  If you like Outkast, you will totally dig her too.  I mean, Big Boi and the rest of the Outkast crew is in the video, so, duh.
4.  I HAVE to learn her moves.  (A side note about me... I love to dance, preferably moves like 2 stepping, the jerk, and other such good things I can do by myself.)
5.   The perfectly put together, tailored styling of everyone in this video a tiny bit reminds me of Street Etiquette.  One of my favorite blogs.


diane said...

you have hooked me completely.

i've watched it twice today already and i love it.

thank you for sharing!

and now i must go do a little tightrope dance on the tile in my kitchen.

Kendall said...

aghhh, i love janelle monae too! she has such a big presence for how little she is (i read that she's only five feet tall!). and amazing hair too, obviously.

Christopher Seal said...

I totally agree with the points you make here. The beat and singing style as well as the AMAZING dancing is so genuinely 1940s-50s classic black cultural style. It makes me nostalic for when people (even I) could actually see men -and sometimes women- who dressed like this.

Sal said...

she reminds me of the lead singer for the noisettes. different type of music though.

Sarah said...

Love ittt. Her hair be rocking!