Sleigh Bells and Funkadelic

Well Sleigh Bells are BLOWING UP.  But I don't think I like them, or at least I don't love them as much as EVERY website I have seen them on.  Or maybe their version of Funkadelic's song is just not as good as the original.  I mean, the girl from Sleigh Bells totally succeeds at selling sex.  She is super hot, she has the cat eyes, the uh uh uh love makin' sounds in just about all the songs, she wears some tiiiiiight ass pants (I love me some tight pants but good god, the shiny tightness of her spandex is crazy).  I know that she totally wins the sex appeal award for most people but she isn't doing it for me.

Here are my issues:
1.  Just because you are sexy, it doesn't mean your music is as good as your sex selling abilities.
2.  The lyrics for their songs feel like they are trying to be this post-punk abstract bad ass thing, but they are not cutting it for me.
3.  I feel like I should be diggin' their sound but I am just not totally there yet.
4.  I can't stand it when a singer can't hold their pitch.  Watch this video, her pitch is AWFUL.  I am going to have to say, all of the live performances I have looked up have not given me reason to be pleased with her pitch holding capabilities.

Sorry Sleigh Bells, I don't love you.  At least not yet.  I kinda dig the yelling songs, sort of, but mostly...I'm just not totally vibing with you.  Ok maybe it is just the vocals that I am hating.  Like, really hate.  I actually really dig the beats and mixes, but the vocals are killing me in not a good way.  Can someone get me a copy of Sleigh Bells' music without any vocal track?

Ah but Funkadelic, you have all the right moves, you classic little groovers.
I say, Funkadelic, you still OWN this song.

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obsessed with moss said...

Agree on this band completely, not that good, doesn't do anything for me. Another band that I feel is terribly over rated is the xx. I should be into it genre wise but its just not very good. Blog hype bands, woof.