Too Much Exercise Goes A Long Way...

Yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to do yoga in the morning, then do 100 crunches and other painful exercises, then in the afternoon go for a run, then, after my run, stop at the store to get groceries and walk home with the bags of items I pick up from the store for a good arm workout.

FAIL:  I did all of these things, but I didn't really think through how much I need to buy at the store.  I ended up spending $90 on groceries which fit into 5 bags.  I walked home with these 5 heavy bags and watched my fingers turn purple in the process.  My arms and shoulders have never felt so on fire in my life.  I mean, go me for setting my goals high and then out doing myself over and beyond my goals.  But boo to me for causing myself some major pain in the shoulders and back today.  Ow.  I am going to go crawl into my bed now and find a comfortable position where it doesn't hurt to much to answer a bajillion emails.

WIN:  you guys have been amazingly supportive after I posted the blog about losing my job.  I have had some awesome people come to me asking for design work, some rad people referring me to places I should apply, some kick ass friends who have directed me to some perfect websites and Etsy arenas where I can find more illustration work.  You guys are amazing.  Thanks for following my blog and for being such helpful and hopeful friends :)  Now...who wants to come over and give me a good shoulder massage? haha.

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Windsor Grace said...

I say, Go you for being so motivated! I'm really impressed. Especially because I am never motivated to exercise. :)