Video Blog: I got a Droid. Woo!

A few reasons why the Droid is way better than my old crappy crap phone:
  • It has the internet.
  • I has 7 different main pages that you can put anything on like widgets for your email, facebook, blog, twitter, and more.  Everything is at the tip of your finger!
  • It has super duper organizational applications like the calendar that connects to your google calendar, sticky notes, and lists that you can cross off things from when they are done.
  • It can connect your contacts to their facebook and twitter account, so when searching for a friend in your phone, you can also see their latest flickr photos and such.  It also uploads their latest facebook photo as their main photo in your phone.
  • It is easy to navigate and has a nice clean layout.
  • There are great applications like an app that tracks how far you have jogged, and silly ones like when your screen fogs up with steam and you can use your finger to draw on it like when a window steams up.
  • It plays music both through the tiny speaker that pumps out sound and you can use it like an Ipod.
old phone...                                             new phone!!

I love my new phone!
You know what this means?  It means I can twitter and send ya little updates while on the road from Seattle to New York!  The sculpture that I am transporting is just being finished up.  So we are still figuring out if we are leaving tomorrow or Thursday.  If we leave tomorrow that means we have less hours to drive each day.  But if we leave Thurs that means I have more time to get ready...And I seem to be a little under prepared so far.  Eek!  Wish me luck!


Allie said...

Bahaha, I love you. You are tooooo funny.

Roxanne said...

I'm so pumped you'll be updating from the road! Enjoy your trip Moorea.

andrea said...

I love you. Truly. Super hearts. xo

Kyla Roma said...

lol! You are SO cute it just hurts- glad you'll be in touch with the universe while you're on your road!

elycia said...

i love videos :)

aubrey said...

Your video is so cute! Yay for the new phone and updates from the road. Have a great trip!

alyssa said...

I recently got the Motorolla Droid and I luurrvvv it! My favorite app is the FxCamera app! Make sure you get that :)

Angela said...

Yay!! I can't wait til June when I get a iPhone <3 My phone is 5 years old... I'm so ashamed of it haha