Pure White

I love her crisp white suit super tall strappy black heels.  She is so chic.  A little too dark skin fried for me, but other than the overly burnt skin, I love her look.
Did you know I used to have hair as short as hers about 5 years ago?  I kinda miss it.


Awmber said...

oh dear. she looks wonderful. i have this game, that when i see someone i admire i say, 'i'd be her/him', implying that, in another lifetime, i'd be them. then it gives me a little room for imagination.

Awmber said...
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Ashley said...

i used to have super short hair too! its kinda freeing!

love your blog, so i passed on this award to you :)

check it out at http://www.abirdoutofwater.com/