Summer Sleep

I have always been a sickly little lady.  It really doesn't go well with my strong will.  My immune system hates me or something.  Today I find myself huddled up in my bed, my head floating in and out of consciousness.  I am especially frustrated because my band has a show tonight, and if it weren't for my lack of voice at the moment, I would be singing on stage tonight.  Well, I have no other choice but to sip on Sleepytime Wellness Tea and daydream about falling asleep in tropical locations.  Doesn't this photo make you want to fall asleep so badly?  I don't usually like pastel colors or beachy themes, but right now it all seems very soothing for a tired lady.  A nice summer breeze wafting across my face as my eyes flutter into the submission of sleep sounds like the best medicine at the moment.  Check out more of Georgia Carlee's interior designs here.

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Awmber said...

Oh dear get better soon! I think you may have caught my sickness through the waves of the internet all the way from Vancouver. Or somehow, got someone sick who knew someone who knew someone else who knew another person who you knew not knowing that they knew, (everyone in this thread got sick, btw) and then you got it! FEEL BETTER!