Turns Some Pages

Hey Hey ladies and gents.  So I had a lot of people asking me to reserve jewelry for them so that they could buy their favorite pieces after payday.  That means things are going to start rolling away fast!  But don't worry, I made sure to stock the Etsy shop full of lovely goodies like my handmade book necklaces.  Here are a few that you can snag for yourself.  Notice the new addition of leather bound book necklaces as well! These come on a lovely long 30" chain and are packed full of pages and pages of nice clean paper, perfect for secret love letters and drawings :)

New Etsy Items
New Etsy Items
New Etsy Items
New Etsy Items


querbead said...

Hello Moorea so lovely and cool.
Great idea the leather bounded books.
Contact me again because i need your rins size.

greeting Pascal

Windsor Grace said...

Those are so great!

Purple Deer said...

HOLY COW THOSE ARE CUTE! I'm taking a peek next. Thanks for the banner exchange friend, yours is now up on running as well :)

Teresa said...

Those are very cute! Too cute I'd almost feel guilty writing on them. Great job! :)