Video Install and Update!

Installing Circuit from Ian Gill on Vimeo.

Man o man, I have been SOOOO busy recently. Being busy is a norm, but I have been even more crazy busy as of late thanks to the onset of summer.  Seattle is pretty depressing in winter, but in summer it is AMAaaaaaaazing.  There is seriously a different festival or big event every few days.  (last weekend was the Solstice Festival.)  I have so much to catch up on with my blog like my trip a month ago to New York!  I drove a sculpture from Seattle to New York in 4 days about a month ago with my friend Ian.  He and I are both artist's assistants for John Grade.  And Ian just finished the stop motion video of the installation.  It took 3 full days to install the sculpture.  It is made out of wood and clay and weighs over 6 tons!  We transported all 400 pieces of the sculpture in a 24 foot truck and installed it all together in Cynthia Reeves gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  See more images here.  Phew, it was a lot harder/more tiring than it looks in the video! Haha

Here is what is keeping me busy this weekend:

  • watch the US vs Ghana World Cup Game at the new Market Arms pub
  • go to Artopia Festival in Georgetown, Seattle.  Woo art!
  •  go to a dinner party and house show at my favorite undergrad professor's house, (Laura Lasworth).  yay!
  • watch the Seattle Pride Parade and then dance in the streets.  yay Seattle gay community!  I support you!
  • go to mi amiga Brenna's birthday lunch.
  • work my bootie off and catch up on everythiiiiing!!!


Kyla Roma said...

Oh wow! It's *huge* and beautiful- so cool to see what your trip was all about :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

It's too hot to move here! I wanted to busy, but I can't bring myself to leave the house...

video converter said...

wow, really busy vocaton! Being busy is sometimes a hapiness. It's a way to prove that you are living to the full.