When Hot Pink Stars Align

Caitlin Shearer is one of my faaavorite Illustrators.  Look at this painting, isn't is so effing rad!?!
I love magenta.  It is my favorite color.  I even have a magenta fuzz Mother Mary piggy bank that stands about a foot tall.

dresser top

I have a Magenta chair
chair art
And guess what?  I have some AMAZING magenta Agate necklaces, and tons of other crystal necklaces, that will say hello to the world this Friday at 8am in my Etsy shop
Aren't these amazing?  It is sooo hard for me to not keep these for myself.
And wouldn't they look incredible with the dress in Caitlin's illustration?
Etsy sneak peek
Etsy sneak peek
Etsy sneak peek
Are you excited for my Etsy relaunch party?  I am :)


Caitlin Shearer said...

They do go together very well!
I am also fond of your new designs. will keep an eye on the re-launch of your shop.
& thanks for featuring my work.

x caitlin.

Rachael said...

So excited! Very pretty.
You should have an online party.

Chelsea said...

the necklaces are so gorgeous!

suzy said...

magenta is such a happy color. i just bought a bright magenta sweater...maybe i need a necklace to match?

Awmber said...

Heck, I'm so jealous of your magenta chair and that painting is adorable. Stegosaurus for the win!!!

andrea said...

Hey! I'm on your dresser! :)!

Emily Jane said...

Magenta's gorgeous, love the necklaces!