4th of July Dress Up

Remember what I wore last year for 4th of July?  I was still deep in my vintage obsession and feeling cutesy girly librarian with my cat eye glasses and long hair with thick bangs.  Well, I'm kind of over vintage cute stuff these days and want to look my age.  I'm 24 as of June 21st!  So here is what I am wearing this year!  (Also, woops this photo makes it looks like I am holding up my ring finger.  Fact:  I am NOT married or engaged.  Just wanted to show you my red nail polish!)  This 4th, I'm going back to the house that I lived in last summer to celebrate with loads and loads of friends.  Too bad it is raining this year.  LAME!  last years 4th was so hot, in the 90s.  And we baked in the sun while hanging out with neighbors.  Wallingford Ave was closed off and people were just hanging out in the street, barbecuing, dancing, bands performing.  It was great.  I hope the rain goes away so July 4th, 2010 is just as rad as last years!

Do you like my new bright blue jacket from H&M? I'm so in love with it. This bright blue belt is my favorite belt. I've had it for years and years from Nordstrom. And the scarf used to be my grandmother's. The blue tshirt is from Nordstrom and the wide leg 70s style khaki pants are from H&M.  My red flats are also from Nordstrom and are a few years old.  Nordstrom stuff last SO long, it is my favorite :)
What are you doing for the 4th of July this year?
Are you dressing up?  Dressing up to a theme is my favorite!


Ashley said...

oh my goodness! I'm in love with your blue jacket! Great outfit. :)

julia said...

blue jacket is awesome!
i really love it!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, I love this! I dress up less for the 4th now that I live in D.C. - it seems too cliche here, too touristy. But I miss the days of living in the suburbs & heading to a fireworks display with everyone in the whole city, dressed creatively & ready to celebrate!

Roxanne said...

So cute! You rock that color. I donned a blue and white dress with mermaids and seahorses all over it; thanks to Anthro I fit the theme :)

Marsinah (mar-see-na) said...

I found it lame that it was raining on the 4th as well.. my first independence day in the RAIN!

Rockin' outfit BTW!

Windsor Grace said...

I'm totally impressed that you're able to get the whole outfit in the webcam. Major skilz, yo!