Beachy Heads

Golden Gardens Sunset
A celebration of roommate silliness.  Anne left for Guatemala on Friday night, so Wednesday, around sunset, a bunch of us went to Golden Gardens (one of the closest places to California beach feelings in Seattle.)  We danced around, played a little soccer, ate and drank yummy things, went slacklining, and of course laughed and chuckled for hours on end.  Anne is my favorite dancing buddy, and the woman with the most sass and attitude that I know.  I am going to miss this little firecracker.  She is the spice in the stew of our house.  Here are a few photos of the goofiness that makes up our housemate collective.
byebye anne
It sounds like a lot of people are moving this month and the next. Stressful anyone? I am feeling it. I am glad I can fit in a few fun things in the mixture of my crazy chaotic packing and moving week, like playing on the beach with my best friends.  When you get ridiculously busy, what do you do to calm down? Do you have a place that is your special retreat?


Laura Belle said...

These photos are very endearing. Good luck with all your moving...it is crazy-busy but I've always found having a list helps. (and a few extra helpers of the boy-variety for packing & lifting heavy things)

Lizzie said...

Wow, I wish the beaches in England were that pretty :) Your pictures look like you had so much fun - I love photos like that!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love these photos, I'm glad you had a great night. :)

Windsor Grace said...

I wish I had a beach closer to my house. Your pics look great. Good luck with all of the change!

Kyla Roma said...

You guys are gorgeous! I wish I could airlift you all to the prairies :)