Music Mondays: Hot Bodies in Motion

Music Mondays
Let me introduce you to one of my favorite bands, Seattle based
Hot Bodies in Motion. 

Right now, these lovely gentlemen are working on their debut album, which I am SO excited for.  I go to their shows whenever I can, so if you are in the Seattle or Portland area, let me know if you hit up one of their shows because I'll probably be there!  I have been obsessed with fresh funky soulful grooves as of late.  And The Black Keys, Julian Fauth, and Hot Bodies in Motion are my music of choice.  If you need some groovin' sexy tunes for your summer days and nights, I would highly recommend HBIM (that's short for Hot Bodies in Motion.)  Like the Black Keys and Julian Fauth, they manage to muster a surprisingly enormous amount of soul and funk for white boys :)

Every musician in the band is a master of their instrument.  Scott creates the catchiest guitar licks that will roll around your head for hours and hours and will force you to hum along for days without realizing it.  (No joke, I am always humming or singing, and most of the time it is to the tune of Scott's unique guitar riffs.  My roommates can vouch for it!)  Ben's voice is the perfect combination of soulful, swooning, melodic singing and badass, hard edged, raspy crooning.  Zach keeps the sexy grooves pumping with the smooth rhythms of the bass.  Some of the things he can do with the bass are ridiculous, his fingers move so fast and with such fluidity.  And speaking of smooth moves, Tim effortlessly pounds out the drums to create the perfect setting for getting down and groovy.  You cant NOT dance to his beats.  I've never seen as many people in a crowd dancing and smiling as I have at an HBIM show.  Everyone is so talented!

Did I mention that they are some of my favorite friends too?  Scott is one of my closest friends and roommates, and the person who taught me how to use his woodworking tools to create my wooden book necklaces!  You should be Hot Bodies in Motion's friend too. 

Check out their website, myspace, and youtube.


Gae said...

OK, I'm a Jeff Beck fan & I'm impressed.

Nathan Carson said...

That's my little bro Ben. Fantastic

Anonymous said...

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