U.S. Road Trip Video Revealed!

Remember back in May when I told you about my epic adventure driving a 6000 pound sculpture across the entire United States of America?  Well, on that journey, Ian (my artist assistant partner in crime) and I recorded 27,343 photos along the way to compile into a stop motion video of the entire trip.  Awesome right?  Well, Ian has been slaving away for the past two months, putting all the photos together to create the final stop motion video, and for it's grand reveal, here it is!

Who:  Ian Gill and Moorea Seal, working for the artist John Grade.
What:  Road trip across the U.S. documenting the transportation of the sculptural piece Circuit, by John Grade.  see photos of the sculpture here.
When:  15-17 hour driving days.  about 65 hours.  May 5th-9th. 
Where:  Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York.
Why:  Because John asked us, and when else am going to get paid to drive to New York in my life?  Awesome.

Types of Weather:  Cloudy, Overcast, Fog, Rain, Hail, Light snow, Snow storms, White outs, and a little sunshine.
Podcasts:  Radio Lab, This American Life, Stuff You Missed in History Class.
Music:  Mostly the Rushmore Soundtrack.  And then a whole lot of other stuff.
Emotions and Attitudes:  Everything.  Happy and hyper when we started.  Exhausted, moody and puke-y when it ended.
Amount of photos in this time lapse video:  27,373!.
The song is "Go Do" by Jónsi.


querbead said...

quite awesome.the States are so huge. you ca drive from one end from germany to the other end in 12 or 15 hours. from where i live you can in 2 hours travel to 3 other countries with a totaly other language and culture.our continents are quite very different ;-)

thanks for sharing

Windsor Grace said...

That was awesome! And the music was perfect. You guys should enter that into a competition or something.

freddy said...

haha. thanks for the tech support credit. haha

jackiebean said...

what a beautiful video! and a wonderful way to remember you trip. it's a work of art itself!

i'm about to drive across the country in a couple of weeks. my husband and i are packing up everything and moving to portland (from philly) so that he can start law school. i'm a little nervous and mostly excited, but your video totally made me want to hit the road right now!

Liz said...

What an amazing documentation. Just, wow!

Roxanne said...

Amazing! Also, being from there, I'd like to personally apologize for the roads in PA. I find it humorous that I saw the most construction signs as you drove through. The big question is, would you do it again?

Kendall said...

Such a rad video. And it looks like you had pretty decent weather on the trip, considering.

elycia said...

that is soooo cool. i love it :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

This was awesome Moorea! :)

Elly said...

Oh hurrah - that's such a lovely video! Love the music, and I think its a brilliant memento from your trip. Yay! :)

linzi said...

that was rad moorea! thanks for sharin'!