Break Time

So I have been kind of scrambling lately to get a lot done before a big change happens in less than a month.  (Ps, do you like my new simplified banner?)  One of the things I need to get done asap is switching my domain name from ruminationread.blogspot.com to mooreaseal.com.  It's just so much easier and simpler and more profession to just have my name as my blog's domain.  Don't cha think?  Well, unfortunately, the process of switching it over has be ridiculously frustrating.  I bought the domain almost a year ago, never used it, and then got a refund from the web hosting site.  But now that I want to use the domain for reals, there are so many hoops I have to jump through with the old web hosting company, and blogger sadly does not have a support team of humans that you can directly access for assistance.  Basically, the last 3 days have been very frustrating.

Add on top:  I woke up to a dead goldfish sitting at the bottom of the fish tank today.  That's right, I can't keep anything alive.  In 5 days, I managed to kill the goldfish that I was pet sitting for a little girl I nanny.  I feel awful.  Her momma had me "dispose" of it before they got back from their trip.  I literally screamed while pouring it down the toilet.  I felt so bad.  Ugh.  I also slept through my alarm, waking up at 12:30!!! What a waste of a day.  Maybe my body was telling me it is time for me to take a little me time.

I need to give myself a break before I go back to work at 7pm.  Time to buy myself some coffee and a treat and sit with a good book in my studio which has no internet access.  (That is another thing I need to fix asap.  But for now, I just need to use the no internet access space as a place to slow down and feel at peace.)

Phew...pray that the next 2 1/2 hours will just trail on as I mellow out with a good book and a coffee.


Christopher Seal said...

I used to go Beagling with the Trinity Foot (one of the books in the photo). As a matter of fact, the two beagles I'm holding in the photos that The Field used of me were also from the Trinity Foot Beagles pack.

Amy T Schubert said...

Are you still going to use Blogger for your hosting, or self-hosting? I can help you set up a Wordpress blog if you're going through a hosting company.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ah, good luck with getting your website changed over! I have no suggestions for you for that, sorry... I started using hollyknitlightly.com from the beginning. And that's a huge bummer about the goldfish! Ah.. I hope this week gets a lot better for you soon. :)