Clever Inspiration

Marc Johns is clever and creative and quirky and cool.  I feel to be manifesting none of these awesome attributes this week.  August has felt both overwhelming and stagnant all at once.  Lame.  I would like to don the radness of the girl in Mark's illustration, inside and out, and make next week 500 times more awesome than the weird-feeling-full-week I have been having thus far.  Maybe doing some watercolor next week will fill me up with good feelings.  Also, I am just anxious for my boyfriend to move here.  The internet was out for a week at the camp he is working at.  And he doesn't get to use the phone often.  Aka we had no forms of communication for a week.  And I haven't heard his voice in a week and a half.  I really miss him.  Boo hiss! 

My fun loving sassy side has been absent for most of August because the busy bee boring side of me has been juggling too many crazy things.  Nannying while doing freelance work can be super duper frustrating.  I nanny for quite a few families.  And right now some of them are going through job transitions and house transitions so I have to be super flexible with working my schedule around theirs day to day.  It makes it really frustratingly hard to figure out how many hours I will have to work on my own freelance work the next day, or for the rest of the week, or the month.

Man...I basically just am reaaaaallllly craving things to just be settled.
I am settled in my apartment.  But I still need to buy internet for my art studio.  And I want my boyfriend near by.  This last month of long distance is the hardest because he is so close to being here, but not here quite yet!  I need to muster all my patience and been content till then.  I want one of the families I nanny for to feel settled in their house move and job move so they feel more stable and so that I can feel settled in a set schedule for nannying.  I need stability so that I can have solid plans and can work my freelance in around it.  Ahh...Feeling a little crazy today.  Excuse me.  No more ranting.  Love you for reading this garbled mess :)

Basically, it would be awesome if I could know when I will be able to do freelance work and etsy work asap so I can set a schedule.  I do so much better when I am not trying to juggle my life around the lives of others.  I gotta take care of myself and my sanity dudes.  Phew, I think after the next 2 weeks at least, things should feel more stable.  Hope hope!
<3 Moomoo


Kyla Roma said...

That waiting for things to settle down part is so tough, but you're going to have the Most! Amazing! Fall!! <3

Good luck with the in between :)

blaze said...

Hey Girl!
I totally feel you on being unsettled and nannying + being an artist. I JUST had that conversation this week and have decided to babysit muuuch less. It will be hard to give up consistent moneys... but so much worth it! I'm glad I have a friend who knows the craziness of juggling both! :) I need to write you a letter! How are you?

Lune Vintage said...

I did some nannying for a time and I know what you mean. Somethings are good, but somethings totally blow.

I hope you and your guy are re-united soon!

wallflower said...


Thanks for liking my blog too. I absolutely looooved your comment on my heart-in-brain disease! You are so great in the fact that you can write so many things and not run out of thoughts. I really like the way you think and write.

I am definitely going to lurk your past blog entries and for sure adding your button to my BOF page.

I'm also in love with Marc Johns. I drew something inspired by his drawings once, too. It's somewhere in my blog if you click "paintings".

:) Take care.