Dropping In


Greetings from Nevada City, CA.
Sorry I have been missing from the interwebs for the past week.  It has been a busy busy week of travel!  At the moment, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the world, Mekka in Nevada City, CA.  I'm in my hometown for just a blip before I drive back up to Seattle.

Here is a low down on all the crazy that has happened in the last week.

This past Saturday/Sunday:
  • I signed the lease on my art studio!
  • I moved all my art and work goodies into my studio...I have a lot of stuff.  yikes.  (photos coming soon!)
  • I moved all my life outside of work stuff into my new room.  (If you didn't know already, I am moving in with a family that I am really close to in Seattle.  I nanny for them sometimes and will also be doing some other work for their momma.)
  • I said goodbye to my old house and housemates. Thankfully, I'm only moving 10 mins away :)
  • I found out some hard news about a friend.  Hopefully the big change will be really empowering and freeing for her <3  Girl Power.
  • I got some INCREDIBLE out of the blue news from a blogger you probably already know and love.  I can't reveal any of the big secrets yet, but holy moly this is exciting and potentially life changing!
  • My best friend Katie and I drove from Seattle, WA to Nevada City, CA in 14 hours in our separate cars.  Tiring days.
Monday, I said goodbye to Katie as she drove down to LA and I drove 5 more hours to Yosemite.  Sadness, I love my Katie!  Thankfully I landed in my boy love's arms when I arrived in Yosemite.  (My boyfriend is working at a camp in Yosemite until September.)  On Tuesday and Wednesday we went camping with a bunch of his friends, played in the river, ate delicious food and saw Inception.   It was so good!

Thursday I discovered I had a decking screw deeply embedded in my basically new tire, and because of said screw, the tire was flat.  I was planning on leaving Yosemite at 10am to be home by 3pm.  But I had to drive to Sonora, CA to get my tire fixed.  (Thank you boyfriend for putting on my spare tire!)  So I left camp at 10am and arrived in Sonora around 11am.  My only option was to go to the Walmart Tire Store...this is where my day turned for the worse...
It took them 2 hours to finally tell me that they couldn't fix the tire.  and then another 2 hours to replace the tire.  that is 4 hours of waiting around the middle of nowhere by myself.  I have been going through a lot of emotionally intense things lately and saying goodbye to my boyfriend was the last of the big line up of emotional events.  I was proud of myself that I didn't cry.  But wandering around inside and outside of a crappy Walmart in the middle of nowhere for 4 hours gave me way too much time to start feeling sad and overwhelmed by all my emotions.  The sweltering heat didn't help much either.  I was deeply missing my 3 best friends who I have had to say goodbye to for potentially forever.  I was sad about driving away from my love.  I was frustrated about being in the middle of nowhere by myself.  And I just wanted to be back home already.
Once they finally finished and put on my new tire, it cost me $120 which I couldn't afford to lose at the moment.  The mechanic then came in and proceeded to scold me on how the tire with the screw in it was basically new and if I hadn't driven on the tire once the screw was in it, it could have been saved.  (If I would have known that there was a screw in my tire before it deflated, I wouldn't have driven on it.  DUH.  I'm not a moron.)  He kept talking in the most DEMEANING way, treating me as if I was a complete airhead with no logic or ration in my mind.  If there is one thing that makes me incredibly angry, it is when someone treats me as if I am less of a human than them, as if I am a complete fool.  The other mechanic at the counter said, "Come on, ease up on her."  And the first mechanic just stomped out.

The whole situation left me with my lip quivering as I paid the $120 for the new tire.
As soon as I got in my boiling hot car I just started bawling.  It has been an overwhelmingly tiring few days and weeks.  And everything hit me hard as soon as that man started talking down to me like I was a foolish child.  It was 3:30pm when I finally pulled out of Sonora and 7pm when I arrived home in Nevada City.  The extra 4 hours of waiting around in Sonora did not aid in my making my 3 & 1/2 hours driving home particularly enjoyable.

Thank god I can just rest for a moment before I head back to Seattle on Monday.  I will be be driving the 14 hours back by myself again.

Needless to say, I am exhausted.  But I really look forward to taking the next week to jump into my work and settle into my new office/studio space and my new home.  Phew!  This will hopefully be the last of my boring and overwhelming life updates on my blog for awhile.  The worst is over!  Halleluia!  Well...the worst will be over after my next 14 hour drive :)  Besides getting to see my love for 2 full days, This trip has been the least "vacation-y" type trip ever.  I gotta plan a vacation from my vacation haha.

ps, the winners from Ian's necklace giveaway are:  Sean and Margaret!


Roxanne said...

Can't wait to see your studio and all of the other news and goodies from your trip. Safe travels home!

Kyla Roma said...

You have so much going on that I'm not sure how you keep track of it all! :)

I'm so glad that things are going so well for you, you've worked so hard for it <3

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw it sounds like you have had a ton of good and exciting things happening to you! Huuuuuuuuge bummer about the tire, and that guy just sounds like he was a complete jerk! I don't know why some people treat others like that.