Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Phew...I'm back in Seattle again.  I drove my car up again yesterday, this time doing it in 12 hours instead of 14.  Woo!  And today was consumed with unpacking all the boxes in my office and setting stuff up so I can get to work!  After finally putting everything away and getting organized, I opened up my laptop and realized that there is no free internet access in the building...which means I have no internet until I buy it.  Argh.  That put a halt on some of the online work I need to get done.  But, I am an efficient little lady so don't you worry, I'll find some internet access (like that which I am stealing now from a coffeeshop) and will get everything done by the dates I had set whether that means not sleeping on Wednesday and Thursday or not!  I will win.

In other news, I already miss my little sisters.  I asked my middle sister, Alexandra, to take some photos of me because she is a fantastic little photographer.  And she always is snapping gorgeous shots of my littlest sister Bella.  So 2 nights ago we took some snaps and, good god, it is impossible for me to pose for the camera.  Bella has the most natural modeling capabilities, as does Alexandra.  My mom was a model when she was younger too.  But man, I ain't no model.  Alexandra did manage to get a few nice shots of me though (when I wasn't making really ridiculous faces and making fun of the situation.)  Here are 2 examples of the natural modeling capabilities of my 2 little sisters.

Alexandra  age 20
(read her blog here)

Isabella age 15
My baby sister.

The three of us all look somewhat alike, and very similar to our parents.  But at the same time, we all are quite distinct.  Alexandra is very all American looking with her blonde hair and soft features.  And Bella is super mysterious and exotic looking with her dark hair and awesome dark freckles.  It is hilarious when we try to trade clothes because, though we are all basically the same height, 5'7" 5'8" & 5'9", we all embody really different personas and attitudes.  I was getting rid of a ton of quirky vintage stuff and let them try on a bunch of my clothes...they looked totally ridiculous.  Bella can get away with really awesome badass sorts of clothes, ripped jeans, vans, and she can wear colorful patterned sun dresses.  She has a secretive, sassy, and passionate personality.  Alexandra can wear really simple, classic feminine and earthy clothes.  She has a bubbly, sassy, and giggly personality.  And I can wear more tailored, solid pops of color clothes (and vintage.)  I have...a goofy, sassy, bossy personality?  I dunno, our personalities overlap sometimes too.  We can all trade a few pieces of clothing, but for the most part...we stick with our own distinct styles.  Also, I am really jealous of both of their thick gorgeous eyebrows.  Mine are dinky little things.  Aren't my sisters SO gorgeous!?!  I have to brag about them every few months.  :)

Dont you think you can imagine what their personalities are like from these photos?  I think they embody my sisters' demeanors so well.


elycia said...

lovely photos. you 3 do look quite alike. i agree, you can get a sense of their personalities from the photos. :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

These photos are wonderful. Will you post any that your sister took of you? What a beautiful fam!

Kyla Roma said...

You have the most gorgeous family :)
So happy you're home! You've spent all summer trucking around, it must be a relief to be through the thick of it!

JD said...


Liz said...

They are so gorgeous! Lovely family.