A Pick Me Up

Man, I am ready for this week to take a turn for the better.  I am hoping that my night tonight will turn my mood around majorly.  So a week ago I posted a silly status update on facebook saying how I desperately wanted to go see Ira Glass talk at Benaroya Hall in my city of Seattle but I have no $ to pay for the ticket, thinking no one would notice my comment.  But my favorite former professor, mentor, artistic/intellectual/spiritual hero Laura Lasworth messaged me and said she would love to take me to see him talk.  How many times in the past 5 years have I said, "AH!  Thank GOD for Laura!"  I am ready for this week to be over.  It has been hard on me for various reasons.  Let my night with my hero Laura and the only famous person who, if I met in person, would cause me to faint, be a wonderful night that turns my crappy week into a wonderful weekend.

ps, here is some of Laura's art work.  And here is an article about her in the LA Times, praising her for her depth and talent.


a day with kate said...

that's so awesome! my roommates and I were going to try to catch Ira at the re-bar after his appearance at Benaroya, but it sold out! booo.

Also, I had laura for Color Theory freshman year... she is so great!

Have fun!

diane said...

this is wonderful news!

ira is completely awesome and i am so excited for you.

and laura - well, how very cool she is.

have a lovely time.


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

Laura's work is amazing, what a spirit lift it must be! Hooray for amazing people.

Melissa said...

Wow, what a fantastic act of kindness from Laura. It's always a delight when someone is uber-talented and very nice, on top of it all.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw, that's so sweet of her! Her work is beautiful.

Laura said...

Hope you had a great weekend and this week is brighter! Laura's work is amazing, so dream like.

lisa said...

what your friend Laura made is wonderful. they are beautiful paintings. they catch my eyes.