Music Monday: Best Coast



I love this song by Best Coast.  "Boyfriend."  As I am posting this, the boys in the room with me are all mocking me and telling me how much they hate it. Well poo poo to you ya little brats. Girl power, I love this song.


Allie said...

Guys are soooo dumb. I love Best Coast! Reminds me of Cali! This is my favorite song of there's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sj5_WITMpA

Kendall said...

I love Best Coast too! It's such perfect summertime music.

konner said...

I've never heard of Best Coast, but I liked the song. Another music monday success story!

I just looked up all the songs in my music library with the word "boyfriend" and I think I could make an awesome playlist. It's going to be called bee eff gee eff. You just WAIT.

Clare B said...

I'd never heard of Best Coast either, but loved the song. Playing it again while I blog surf. Thanks!

andrea said...

love them :) it's pretty nuts they're in the UK charts now