My Vintage Hat Collection

My grandmother & great grandmother's hats. <3
I'd like to share with you my big huge vintage hat collection.  My grandpa is a pack rat and kept just about everything of his mother and his wife, my grandmother, that he could get his hands on.  My grandma hates it.  So every time I visit them she tells me to sneak into the upstairs closets and take whatever things I like.  I don't like hoarding things or collecting things really.  But these are special since they both functional and fashionable AND they hold a lot of loving family memories.  These hats have been slowly released from their claustrophobic environments over the past few years and have found their way into my home.  I keep all of these at my parents house since they are so fragile and precious to me, plus I move about every 9-12 months.  But I keep 3 additional hats of my grandma and great-grandma's with me here in Seattle just because :)  That is a grand total of... 13!
I think most of them are from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  The one below is my grandmother's get-away hat that she wore leaving her wedding in the get-away car.  Isn't it just amazing!  (ps, my 15 yr old sis is my favorite model :)

hat collection: no. 1
hat collection: no. 2
hat collection: no. 3
hat collection: no. 4
hat collection: no. 5
hat collection: no. 6
hat collection: no. 7
hat collection: no. 8
hat collection: no. 9
hat collection: no. 10
hat collection: no. 11


ciploks said...

oh, you look really, truly lovely (:

Moorea Seal said...

it isn't me! it's my little sister :) she is 9 years younger than me haha.

Awmber said...

Ah! These are so cute! I have such a love affair with hats, but don't like wearing them. It's a bit of a problem sometimes, because I'll buy one, then never wear it. Maybe I'll make it a mission this week to wear one of them.

julia said...

hats are really cute.
And I should say that your sister is so beautiful.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh my word. These are SO BEAUTIFUL. I adore the little blue one. What a treat!

Katy said...

oh alright. these. are. fabulous.

i finally made a blog, i was just so utterly in love with every inch of yours. thanks baby.
and! i might be in seattle end of october, and would love to hook up and get coffee or something fun! and! see your sweet studio space!


Clare B said...

This is such a wonderful collection. I love your grandmother's get-away hat complete with scarf. So cool

ciploks said...

oh, okay. then your sister and those hats look lovely ((:

Barnicles said...


Vanessa said...

Love these photographs. They look like film! <3