Natural Stone Amethyst Rings - Fall 2010 Collection

Amethyst Double Ring
Fall Collection Amethyst Rings
Amethyst Ring
Yep, aren't these rings SO BAD ASS!?! As soon as I listed these on Etsy, the ring above sold within minutes.  Seriously.  But don't worry, I'll keep listing more to quench your amethyst ring lust.  Go here to grab yours.

UPDATE:  both rings sold within 2 hours.  geeze!  I'll make some more asap!


Laura Belle said...

These are SICK Moorea! Well done :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this, and that it's a double ring! What are the dimensions of the amethyst? I checked your Etsy shop but it didn't say. I'd so buy it if it's not too big of a ring.

& thanks for your (quick) comment on my blog! Screen printing is so fun -- you should definitely try it!

Kyla Roma said...

Congratulations Moorea, these are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

bad ass indeed, but very pretty. those are gorgeous, Moorea!

New York Marble said...

Clued up Post! Thanks for flaunt. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I love your Post.

Isquisofrenia said...

when are you gonna have more of this? i really want one so bad