no. 10. & 11. The Last Amethyst Rings

no. 11
My 15 year old sister.  Stunning, right?
no. 10

2 more amethyst rings, available in my Etsy shop, and 1 pretty sister.  I took this photo of my littlest sister Isabella right after her 15th birthday. I feel like this portrait just embodies Autumn.  It feels feminine and warm but still strong and tough.  Actually, these rings feel that way too!  Hmm, maybe it is all just a reflection of my own persona.  Isn't it true that an artist can't escape putting a little bit of themselves into everything that they make?  Jewelry making and Photography can't escape the stamp of Moorea!

ps, these are the last of my amethyst ring supply for now so if you'd like one, grab them quick.  the other two sold ridiculously fast.  Like woah.


julia said...

your sister is really lovely and looks so beautiful.

Allie said...

I really love her nail polish color.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the first/darker one! :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

The rings are so pretty! I'm sure, though, that I would get them caught on everything. Your stuff is so pretty!