no more long distance calls

my love will be living in the same city as me in a week! I'm so happy <3

After about 8 months of long distance relationship-ing-it-up, my love and I will be living in the same city again :) The trick is that we grew up in the same hometown but didn't really know each other, just knew of each other.  I moved from a small town in Northern California to Seattle, Wa for college.  He moved from that same little town to Santa Cruz, Ca for college.  About 6 months after we both graduated, both of us home for a snowy Christmas, we ran into each other.  And we hungout, everyday.  He was thinking about moving to the northwest around the time we reconnected, but he was still there and I was still here for the rest of 2010.  But so soon, my love will be with me in Seattle.  I am so happy.  I am so happy for all of the new adventures that lay in wait ahead for him and for us.  He is going to thrive, I just know it.  Having done long distance for our entire relationship, we haven't had much time for taking photos together.  When you only have a few days at a time together every 1 or 2 months, its better to just savor moments rather than stop to take photos.  So this is one of like 4 that we have.   And the other ones are full of double chins, bad hair days, & weird angles that make it look like we are missing limbs.  This one is still pretty cute though.  It is from when I took him up into the abandoned building that houses the studio of an artist I work for.  Most awesome work environment ever.

One week, one week, one week, one week! EEK!  From 14 hours apart to 10 minutes apart, all in a week :)


Barnicles said...

as a fellow long distance fool YAY!


Kyla Roma said...

I'm so excited for you two, I can't imagine how much fun you'll have! :)

San said...

I was in a long-distance relationship (on two different continents!) for about 2,5 years and it feels so good to be finally re-united.
Really excited for you!

diane said...

this is so exciting!

i am really happy to read this...you have had a challenging couple of months and it will be a wonderful change to have your beloved in that awesome city with you.

andrea said...

This is very exciting. I am so happy for you!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

So exciting. Glad he'll be nearby - many adventures to come!

Holly Knitlightly said...

So awesome! I'm so happy the two of you are going to be together now!