Our City Lights Love

you know, it is really special when someone new comments on your blog and they say something so poignant, true, and relate-able. I felt this way when Diana from Our City Lights commented my post about fear just minutes after I had posted it. I really like her blog and I really dig her spirit. And snap, when I was chatting with Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest tonight, she mentioned that I am Diana's "Favorite this Week" on her blog. I felt so special! This girl is lovely. And I am super inspired by her library themed wedding! So rad. I'm not getting married anytime soon, but that is seriously the coolest wedding theme ever.


Briana said...

Aha! I love it when that happens! The blogosphere allows people that would never have met otherwise connect and share with each other. Congrats on being "favorite blogger" I actually find you through creeping around Our City Light's blog. Nice to meet ya! :)

Diana said...

you're always a favorite read, but i thought i shouldn't be so selfish and keep the great reads to myself ;)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love both of your blogs! It's awesome when two people from blogs that I read all of the time become friends.

...but then I feel kind of like a creeper, haha!