Rest in Work and Play

It's time for a little blog break. A lot of ladies have been taking a little rest from blogging lately like my friends miss Liz  from SRSLYLIZ and Diana from Our City Lights.  Well, I'm joining in the club :)  I have lots and lots of projects I need to focus on in the coming week and lots and lots of brainstorming I need to do.  It's one of those weeks where I need to focus all my energy on work and not sleep very much.  Haha.  Thankfully, I love my work as a blog designer.  It is really exciting getting to create perfect blogs for lovely people.  I love the process of getting to know new people, hearing about what inspires them and what they connect with.  I've been thinking a lot about story telling lately, and to me, creating a blog for someone is like writing a story.  I get to learn about someone new, who and what they identify themselves as, and then create a beautiful image and narrative that speaks clearly of who they are.  It is a really intuitive and contemplative journey for me, delving into new understanding of other people.  And it is incredibly fulfilling when I get to present to them a visual representation of who they are and what they love.  I love making people happy, and I believe everyone deserves investment of thought.  So while I am away, you can know that I am working hard and enjoying every minute, seeking to bring out people's unique personalities through perfect little blogs that suit them to a tee.  I'm taking a break from blogging this week to make sure I stay relaxed while working.  I try to keep a positive attitude while I work on special visual presents for others, and staying relaxed is key  :)

ps, I'm also taking a breather this weekend to invest a little time in the people closest to me.  One of my best friends in real life and in the blogging world, Allie from No Small Dreams, has opened up the opportunity for me and a few friends to take a short get away adventure to relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery on one of the islands outside of Seattle.  It will be really good for me to just mellow out, sip some tea, play by the sea, and have fun with friends before I go into intense contemplative mode for the next week.  It's always good to balance hard work & deep thinking with fun play & light hearted spacing out.  It is easy for me to devote myself to work and convince myself that I don't need to slow down.  Thankfully I have good friends who remind me to relax and take care of myself, heart, body, and mind. <3

How do you balance your work and play, and how do you find peace and fulfillment in both?


Stephanie said...

Enjoy your time off! :)

Liz said...

Kudos to you darling! We'll setill be here when you come back feeling refreshed from your time out :) XO

Jennifer said...

hi moorea! Just stopping by to say "hello" and that I found and love your bloooog! now following :)