Andrew + Natsuko

I just stumbled across this fabulous duo's design work.  Holy Cow, they are right up my alley.
Let's talk about how beeeaaautiful Andrew + Natsuko's identity building, branding & designs are.  Woah.

all of the above designed for MICAN, visual identity for high-end fashion company.

pop-up book inspired from a naptime art and social practice project
 advert mailer for oaks amusement park 2009 season
visual identity for high-end jewelery maker
OMG I'm dyyying, I love these SO MUCH.  They use some of my favorite shapes, colors, typefaces, line widths, proportions, everything, I love love love!


Allie said...

Love that birthstones spread!

angelina la dawn said...

amazing stuff! i love the pop-ups the most, though. someday, i will make an awesome pop-up book.