Coffee 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Pour Over Method

I love coffee.  Well, Cappuccinos are my favorite caffeinated drink.  But a good cup of straight up black coffee can do wonders.  Conveniently, I live in the best city in the world for high quality coffee.  Seattle!
My boyfriend, a fellow coffee lover, moved up here from California a month ago and immediately got plugged in to the Seattle coffee community.  He is a barista at Trabant Coffee, one of the finest coffeehouses in Seattle.  And he is a writer for Examiner.com where he focuses specifically on Seattle Drinks.  He just wrote a great article on the Pour Over Method of making your morning coffee.  I'd highly recommend you check it out, and peruse his other articles too.  He is a great writer and critic.  And I'm not just saying that because I love him :)  Ps, He takes great photos too.

Do you love coffee as much as me?


a day with kate said...

Cool article! And yes, I'm a true coffee lover. Let's just say that when I went to Hawaii last spring, I missed Seattle because of the coffee. So sad... We're spoiled here.

I love a good Americano or Cafe Au Lait, but I have drip 5 days a week, because at work, it's freeee :)

julia said...

I think you should try Turkish Coffee!
You'll love it!
I'm sure.

Kyla Roma said...

I'm a huge coffee nut, I really want a french press! :)

San said...

I love coffee (even though only in small amounts and with lots of milk - but the quality of the coffee is key!)

D A V S said...

Coffee = :)

Liz said...

YUM and that last photo is amazing <3