Dangerous Territory

im addicted to svpply!!!!! oh my gooosh.

Oh dear, you guys.  I have a new addiction.  I just got an invite from Svpply.com to join their site.  And oh man, this is like an answer to lustful longings.  It is a beautiful website where you can just collect images and links of your favorite items for sale on the web.  I am constantly dragging images from the web to my desktop and then creating endless folders of things I love, want, am inspired by, etc.  This saves my desktop from a lot of clutter and gives me a gorgeous visual of my lustful desire for pretty things.  It is also creating the perfect palette for me to bounce ideas off of for my new blog design.  Go here and check out the website and my favorite things.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think my visual taste is.  I say, modern, geometric, and young with a woodsy flare. 
How would you describe your taste?


K a i t l y n said...

Hi Moorea, sorry to be such a creeper... I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Just want to say that I'm a fan of your work! You are very inspiring! Good luck to you as you venture into being a full-time artist. I know you will be very successful :)

P.S. I agree, I just started SVPPLY but I have a feeling it will become an obsession.

Allie said...

Hellla cool!