Well this just melted my heart.  This adorable couple just eloped and they made this gorgeous video.  Man, I am so down with eloping.  I mean, I'd still have a huge fun dance party reception.  But I really like the idea of just having an extremely quiet and sweet wedding day.  Being the daughter of a priest, I can't even tell you how many weddings I have been to.  Like woah.  And a large percentage of my friends who are Christian got married super young.  Yikes, I couldn't do it.  I mean, I am only 24 and I have friends who have been married for 6 years already!  Insane.  There is no chance in hell I could have gotten married in my early twenties.  SNAP!  I am almost in my mid twenties now!  But I still feel like a kid :)
Anyway, I digress.  I have been to a million weddings and have been in the bridal party quite a few times.  And let me tell ya, I have done enough time with wedding drama to last a lifetime.  I hate the politics of weddings.  So often, people get deeply offended for not being invited to be a part of the bridal party, or invited to the actual wedding.  And then there are people who get all psycho controlling during the planning process.  I know numerous people whose families ended up in hysterical drama, with people refusing to attend the wedding, because someone was offended for some reason or another.  Uhg.  It just makes me so frustrated that for a day that should be so sweet and light, there can be so much darkness and drama that can lead up to it.
And then there is the money.  I know people who spent just $2,000 on their wedding, and others who spent $40,000 on their wedding.  Sure, some were more glamorous than others.  But when it comes down to it in the end, the fancy glam extravagance is not what makes a wedding a wedding.

All that being said, I think eloping sounds lovely.  Though, I would want my sisters and parents there too.  My dad says that he doesn't know if he could lead the ceremony (he is a priest) because he would be so weepy.  But we will see when I am a bit older and wiser and ready for marriage.  (I think my middle sister will get married before I do anyway.)  Anyway, anyway, A quiet little wedding with the people I love the very most sounds wonderful.  And, snap, I am sure my parent's wouldn't mind not having to pay for a gigantic wedding.  Eloping sounds awesome.
But oh baby baby, I need me a giant reception/party with delicious food and dancing dancing dancing.  That is where the celebration with friends and extended family comes in.  I just want a dance party that last for hours and piles of delectable food and great drinks.

I am not getting married anytime soon kids.  But this video just reminded me of how much I like the idea of eloping :)


Carrie Rosalind said...

Aww...such a sweet video. I like the idea of eloping, too! :)

Allie said...

So romantic. I like the idea of eloping because it's spontaneous!

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed eloping :) It is much less distracting from the stuff that I think truly matters.

K a i t l y n said...

I was in one wedding and that was enough for me! Eloping + party sounds great. Beautiful video! Love, love that song.

april p. said...

hi! i'm april, the girl in the video. thanks for your sweet words about the video and eloping. it was a really wonderful day and honestly so much fun.

i think you nailed it in your post about how crazy weddings can be. we originally started to plan a small wedding in tennessee (for this weekend actually!). within three months, the wedding went from 20 people to 80 and from less than $3,000 to over $10,000. never underestimate the power of parents getting involved and feeling the need to invite distance cousins.

last month we finally looked at each other and were like WHAT. ARE. WE. DOING? Our intimate ceremony and dinner turned full-on crazy wedding was getting the best of us, and so was the expense (the wedding was on us). so we sent an email out. subject title: Reclaiming Our Wedding 2010.

Afterwards we started talking about in what way did we want to marry each other. I think a lot of people forget to do this. Jeremy and I are in our 30's, so we might be a little past the whole "OMG! I WANT TO WEAR A BIG WHITE DRESS! THE BAND! THE INVITES! OMG!" thing, but it was extremely important to us to stay true to who were were as a couple. After we talked through that, we knew there was really only one way- just us. so we flew into LA, rented a car, spend 4 days driving up the 1, got married on monday, then continued on our lovely lil road trip. sweetsville.

this is getting long and i'm really sorry, but can you tell i'm now a huge fan of eloping? just a couple more things- anyone who considers eloping- just let your bottom line be "what is best for us?" however, also be ready to expect a little backlash. 95% of your friends and family will be happy you did it your way. the other 5% might be hurt or bothered, but find a way to make them feel included. for us, that was making it a top priority to have a video. we have a longer version for our close family and friends that were a little bummed. now- they've all been great. also- if you want to bring along the folks or besties- do it!

k. i'm done. thanks again for sharing. now following you on my reader. yay!