Old habits

I have introduced you to my friends Hot Bodies In Motion before.  But here is a refresher :)  & here is their myspace and their website.

They are working on their very first recording right at this very moment.  Well, actually they are napping because they were up till 7am this morning recording.  But anyway, here is a little sneak peak into one of their recording sessions.  You'll see 3 of the boys in the band, but Scott, the 4th member, manages to hide himself from the camera the whole time.  Typical.
Scott and I used to be housemates.  And now my boyfriend has moved into my old house with Scott and the band, while I live in another neck of the woods, aka a different area of the city.  But I'm basically at the boys' house everyday.  I'm actually there right now, here, there, here right now?  I've got some woodworking to do and Scott lets me use his tools.  (Bless his soul.  Yesterday I was having an off day and managed to both snap one of his drill bits and, earlier in the night, spilled half a glass of wine down my linen pants while also shattering the glass.  You'd think I was drunk.  But, sadly, I couldn't use that excuse because I was completely sober.  I'm clumsy.)

Anyway, I am glad I get to share a peek into their studio time with you because I also have some other exciting info about their album release.  I am collaborating with another design to create the album artwork!  You'll be seeing my illustrations popping up in records stores near you in the next year :)

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Kyla Roma said...

Congratulations! What a cool project to be working on :)