Something Sparkley, This Way Comes.

major bling
Oh baby baby.  In about 2 weeks, there are going to be a lot of majorly blingy bling pretty things showing up in my shop.  I am SO excited!  Currently, I am getting a huge order of lovely pieces ready for an amazing shop I am teaming up with.  Hint:  Their shop is on the web, but their home base is in a country way outside of the U.S.  I am so excited to reveal who it is once they launch my line in their shop!  Eek!  I have admired them for quite a while now and I am SO honored that they contacted me about carrying some of my jewelry!  This is going to be a fantastic relationship :)  Their shop will be overflowing with lots of my pretty sparkling things!!
And soon, my darlings, you can find some majorly shiny fun pieces sparkling in my Etsy shop.  Right now my Etsy shop is a little low on goodies because I've been scrambling to fill all the orders that different shops have been ordering from me.  It is awesome how many shops want to carry my stuff!  But it's hard to keep up my own shop when everyone is buying all the goodies! Haha.  Soon my darlings, very very soon :)


Anonymous said...

major pretty!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I hope whatever's coming involves those awesome amethysts!

Silvitanova said...

I love BlingBling! Good luck!