Studio from a Dream

I know a lovely, extremely talented man named Adam.  Adam is a fantastic photographer and happens to work with one of the biggest names in wedding photography in the world, Ira Lippke.  Fine art meets documentary photography.  This incredible duo just moved into their new studio and holy *#&$* this is my dream studio/living space.  The windows...wow.  The brick walls.  The mid century furniture.  The modern, minimalist, but warm feel.  It is like studio heaven.  I am beyond jealous.  Don't you think it is just gorgeous!?

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konner said...

I agree wholeheartedly about their work space... that is freaking amazing. But mostly I'm happy that they used my favorite song for the music in their video! If you're not into Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros yet, you should be. Listen to the song "Janglia". Oh yes.