Hello Goodbye Hello

My mountains
German feet.
I'll be leaving my snowy hometown in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California early tomorrow morning.  Time to go back to my home of 6 years: Seattle, Washington.  I'll miss the calm of the hills, the haze of blue from the sky bouncing off of the snow, and the stillness brought on by an absence of electricity in the air.  I am totally at peace here.

But while I am still young, that buzz of energy brought on by the city is necessary in reminding me that I need my community of friends, I need that stream of constant stimulation.  I am not allowed to hibernate away in the mountains yet, but my heart longs for it.  My brown hair yearns to turn as icy as the snow.  My smooth skin wants to wrinkle with smiles and bring on old age, a time when I will be ready to find my mountain cabin/cottage/tree house.

My mountains, stow away in a place only I will remember.  Keep your hidden burrows safe, and call the sun to keep shining on your glowing icy slopes so that when my eyes crinkle with age, I will still be able to find my way home.


andrea said...

I?m a mountain sort of person too

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I wonder... do we all hope to end up back home, in the end? Not now, but eventually? I sure do.

Ashley said...

Moorea! I love your blog! I had no idea how creative you are! It was fun hanging out with you this past weekend. I look forward to hanging out again! =)

Srsly Liz said...

Let me know if you are going to be in Sacramento I would love to grab coffee with you!!

Lune Vintage said...

How beautiful it is - breathtaking photo's - lovely thoughts. Happy travels!

linzi said...

That was beautiful Moorea :) thanks for always sharing!

George said...
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George said...

Greetings from Minnesnowta! While we don't have the breath taking mountains like Nevada, we do have the heaps of snow! Love your blog!

Peace, Love & Puppies,