Laurel Dailey, Style Icon

This is my ridiculously talented friend Laurel.  She is a photographer currently working with the newly reinvented Roxy.  I think the glamorous fun style of Laurel perfectly embodies the new identity that Roxy has taken on.  But Laurel still has something special about her and her styling that makes her unclassifiable.  I am totally in love with the outfit she is wearing above, and SNAP, she is wearing one of my body harnesses that you can find in my Etsy shop (majorly restocking later this week)!  When she purchased this from me, I was so thrilled.  I kind of had her in mind while I was designing it.
Even though Laurel is a friend and a peer, she is still a style icon to me.  She is so bold with her fashion statements and wears every little thing with such confidence and pride.  I really admire that in a lady.  When I have down days thinking that I just can't wear certain things I think, you know what, I know a beautiful lady in Southern California who wouldn't think twice about wearing whatever she wants.  Don't you think Laurel is fabulous?  I do :)
You can check out her blog here and her photography website here.

Have you seen the lookbook for Quail?  She shot it.  Photography skillz.
Oh, and the Quail Wedding Lookbook too.  I am sure you recognize this image that has been floating around the web:
Talent and Beauty. Serious Talent and Beauty.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

She looks GORGEOUS! Can you ask her where she shops & let me know? :) She looks to be about my size & wearing some things I'd love to get my hands on! I seem to be relegated to the GAP & Old Navy. BORINGGG.

bee said...

Is that her in that orange dress? She makes it look phe. nom. e. nal!!! The hair and fur top if off so well. Dang, girl!