Music Monday: Lykke Li

music monday

I heard Lykke Li's new single, Get Some, the other day and it took me a while to figure out if I could totally dig it or not.  A few days later, and I'm thinking it's a keeper. The lyrics threw me a off a little...listen closely. But despite my uncertainty about how much I like the lyrics, I still dig the sound and vibe of the song. The video is kinda insane tribal voodoo feeling. And I actually think I warmed up to it too after the initial mixed feelings. I loved her last album and I am curious to see where this one goes.

i likey lykke
Are you a Lykke Li lover or hater?
ps, tomorrow I will tell you about my weird trip to Vancouver, Canada...
Couch surfing can be a hit or a miss for SURE.


Laura Belle said...


I adore this girlie...been waiting for her new album since I first saw her live almost 2 years ago. If you haven't fully submerged yourself in her last album I think you might love it. She also puts on an incredible show. I've seen her twice and she's just memorizing to watch.

Sara Kate said...

Oh thank you SO much for sharing! I loved her last album, and have been wanting to check this song out when I read about it recently. She's amazing!

Kendall said...

Yay Lykke! I heard "Get Some" on KEXP last week and was totally digging on it. The lyrics are pretty bold, but Lykke's boldness is one of the things I admire most about her. I'm sharing in your excitement for the new album... I have a feeling it will be super duper fantastic.

silvia said...

I like the sound of that song!