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trade with louise!
trade with louise!

Don't you love a good trade? I love love love trading pretty things for pretty things. My lovely friend Louise from Super Duper Things recently did a trade with me.  She took some photos for my secret blog makeover that is coming up, and sent me this super duper pretty necklace.  And I sent her a super duper pretty crystal necklace.  We got ours on the same day and were equally excited about our new things!  She and I both have a love for triangles and very similar aesthetic.  We decided our similar aesthetic must be due to the fact that we both grew up in East Anglia.  For those of you who don't know where that is, it is the Eastern Lower section of England.  She lives there still, and I live in the U.S.  She always has a stock of ridiculously affordable, lovely things in her etsy shop.  So go check out her shop and her blog!

Would you like to do a trade or have your lovely handmade goodies featured on my blog?  Send me a note and we can make that happen :)

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kirst said...

I have just opened a wee etsy store with some pieces of handmade jewellery and am trying to fill it at the moment. Would love to trade or be featured on your pretty pages!

www.awaroadreaming.blogspot.com (there's a link to my etsy store on my blog)

I'm still an amateur in the blog/etsy world so I wont be at all offended if you decline! : )

Thanks for your inspirational blog, Moorea! xo