Power Outage

A Welcoming from my Family
Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I am so excited to chow down with my family.   I flew home to my little mountain town on Saturday night and was welcomed in by a snow storm.  It is the best kind of wintery greeting a girl like me could get :)  I love the snow and I love power outages (of which my family has multiples during the winter.)   I was hoping that it would snow while I was home, and snap, it happened!  Plus we were out of power from when I arrived on Saturday till Sunday night.  Perfect.  Well, minus the fact that I really needed the internet to work on a bunch of my current client's work!  Shoot.
the power was out.  but we still had gas heat to toast bread :)
On Sunday morning, we usually go to my Dad's church (He is an Episcopalian priest, for those of you who don't know that yet.) But the power at the church kept flickering in and out. So the momma and sister and I stayed home and toasted bread via the gas stove top.
Littlest sister age 15
After a toasty breakfast, snuggled up by the wood stove in the living room, my littlest sister and I trekked down into town to see if there was any power in the shops. 
(ps, if you ever use a wood stove:  to keep the air from getting all dry, put a pot of water with orange and persimmon slices cut up in it.  It heats up and keep the air moisture balanced and it leaves your home smelling so yummy and autumnal.)
Loved the color, texture, and natural gradient
I'm Home.
cool old truck on my parents road
Isn't that truck beautiful? I want one.

Mekka.  coziest coffeeshop on the planet
My sister and I stopped in to our favorite coffeeshop.  Mekka.  I've probably mentioned it before :)
Their drinks display is the best.  It is on an old bed frame.  Can you see it?
Littlest sister sipping on some Fairy Tea
Inside Mekka
Our favorite drink is the Fairy Tea.  It is so yummy yum.  A mixture of steamed rice milk, white chocolate, and cinnamon, it a little bit reminds me of Horchata, but better, and a little more magical :)
What is your favorite toasty warm drink for the winter months?


San said...

Oh, that sounds so lovely... I wouldn't mind a little power outage right now ;) (That would mean, I could go home and light some candles :)).

My favorite toasty warm winter drink is plain ol' hot chocolate. Can't beat it.

kirst said...

the photos are magical! im feeling a bit guilty its so hot and sunny out and i kind of want to be bundled up in the snow instead haha.
my fave: a lovely cup of plain old tea (preferably in a cute vintage cup and saucer!)

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

You're so close to me! I live in Sacramento! & my grandparents live in the neighboring town to you, I think :) I love Mekka. Enjoy your visit! And the snow!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Looks amazing!

julia said...

snow!lovely photos!
and my favourite drink is 'Salep'-a traditional Turkish winter drink-which is made of spotted orchid.
taste it,amazing.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Your town seems like such a beautiful place! Ahhh. I love that they use an old bed frame as the menu! How awesome. I really can't wait for it to start snowing here. We're supposed to get some tomorrow! Ah, I hope so!!

AnneMarie said...

I love the colors you chose for these photos. It really tells a story of a small home town.

Heaven said...

I live in Seattle but was raised in Grass Valley and Cafe Mekka's fairy tea is my go to drink. Whenever I describe my hometown I mention Nevada City and delicious Mekka, and all the darling houses and cool hippies.