Pretty Packaging

My Packaging
When I first started my jewelry business almost 2 years ago, I hated packaging my jewelry to ship out to customers. But as I started to think more about how awesome it is to receive something pretty that is obviously wrapped with care, I decided to put more effort in to the packaging process.  I buy most of my supplies online from other Etsy suppliers.  So when I get those rare, beautifully packaged parcels I just squeal with excitement!
Packaging for my Jewelry Line
Over time, I really came to love using natural and recycled papers in my packaging.   A really pretty neutral base looks so lovely with an accent of something clean and bright.  I love the orangey brown paper paired with pop-y colored washi tape that I buy from the international district in Seattle.
Etsy shop Packaging
My favorite part of packing up my jewelry to be shipped out is doing all of the hand written bits.  I write on all the packages by hand in super pretty fonts & I always add a sweet note on a handmade card.  I put a lot of love into making my jewelry.  And I am always thinking about how to please my customers and make them super excited to receive their packages.  Here is a peek as to how your lovely package might look when you order a little something from my shop.  I just got some new colors of washi tape and tissue paper in pinks and greens too, just to keep it spicy :)

ps, I am doing a big photo shoot tomorrow morning for some gorgeous new amethyst jewelry that will be in the shop next week.  Whenever I post amethyst rings, they sell out within hours!  I have a good stock going now so everyone has a chance to snatch up the prettiest things before they all sell out again!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Your packaging is so simply but so pretty! I'm not sure how I'll package stuff from my new shop.... I need to figure it out asap!

a day with kate said...

i love your packaging! AND i adore washi tape. my roommates think i'm weird & say "it's just tape...", but it's not. it's amazing.

i must say, in my own etsy buying experience, packaging is an incredibly key element. if the item i purchased was adorable, but the packaging was an afterthought, it just wasn't as cool.

your packaging= so cute!

Dorothy said...

packaging is everything! I love your work Moorea! found out about you because of the Alumni Panel the other night at SPU- your stuff is so great! thanks for the comment on my blog :)