Top Knot!

The Top Knot
I have a pretty giant forehead which I like to keep under wraps, or at least under my hair :) But most of the time I just don't care all that much whether the things I sometimes see as flaws are revealed.  And I just love a good top knot on anyone's head.  When my hair was super long around this time last year, and I still had bangs, a bun on the top of my head was my go to hair-do.  It is just so easy and keeps your hair out of your face during busy work days.

What's your go to hair-do today?


Silvitanova said...

That looks so cute.
I have a bad hair day today. Tons of mousse didn't help... But there is a new chance tomorrow ;-)

San said...

Ha, that's so cute. I used to wear my hair around the house like that all the time.

couchbarnacle said...

I always go with the classic bun placed firmly (2 hair ties) at the base of my skull. It's my "look out! I'm on a mission called 'awesome' hairdo."

Donna said...

I have bangs to hide my fivehead, so when I need to tie it up (cleaning, crafting, etc. like today), I usually sweep everything up into a side pony tail towards the top of my head. Feels like I'm 6 again!