What I Wore... Testing the Waters

Herro.  Working on taking good self portraits.I'm testing out doing a What I Wore post.  I'm thinking it will give me more incentive to use my camera for something other than product photography.  And hey, you will get to see all the outrageously gaudy rings I wear :)
Fashion Blogging, Test 1!  ...feels silly.
BLAM!  bought that at the Fremont Market today :)
I am in love with this ring
I bought this ring at the market on Sunday.  I LOVE it so much.  I've been wanting a simple brass double ring for quite some time now.  So when I saw this triple ring I just needed it :)
One of my Favsies Dresses.  Short.  Duh.
New Shoes, I love you soooo much.
I just love the army green laces, LOVE the laces.I looooove my new shoes, like woah.  The army green laces are my favorite.  I've worn these puppies just about everyday for the past few weeks!  I am so easily pleased by a new pair of shoes, a new ring, or a new coat :)  
Striped Sweater:  Urban Outfitters
Dress:  thrifted
Tights:  a gift
Scarf:  Forever 21
Leg Warmers: Urban Outfitters
Shoes:  Urban Original
Ring: Fremont Market
Earrings:  My Etsy Shop

What did you think of this "What I Wore" post?  Should I do more?


Kyla Roma said...

Oh gorgeous- I love this! You definitely need to do more! :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

You have such great style, Moorea. Love this!

Allie said...

Hey hey I bought a really cool necklace from the Fremont Market last Sunday! What a coincidence!

Liz said...

Yes yes yes yes GIMME MOAR! Lovely outfit my dear :)

Kristi.Marie said...

Gorgeous! I will definitely be a fan of these posts if you continue to do them.

PS: I have a chunky knit black scarf from F21 and a pink skinnier one too!!!
Don't you just love knits?

diane said...

yes yes yes!

more, please.


julia said...

You're so cute,Moorea.
I want more.

Silvitanova said...

I like these kind of posts to!
Great dress!

Sara Kate said...

Oh you're gorgeous! I love love love this!

-Just- said...

i love these books. so awesome.

konner said...



Hope you like it. :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love love LOVE this! I really hope you do more of these. Love your outfit.

dorothyann said...

lovely outfit! i would love to see more of your daily clothing choices. my weekday wardrobe is more functional than fashionable, being that i work with kids AND art supplies. so maybe i can live vicariously through you or at least draw some inspiration from your posts!

Becca said...

look at that outfit!
so adorable.
I especially like the boots. and the stripes.
and the knee socks....

Eva B. said...

Very sweet... I love the boots, as I am on my feet most of the day, im always on the hunt for more adorable flat shoes, and yours are ahhh-mazing! thanks for the inspiration... Definitely keep up the daily outfit posts! I would love to do them too, but I cant bring myself to pose... I wish I could!