Oh What Monday Holds In Store...

Guess what is happening tomorrow...
I am launching my newly designed blog!  Oh it is going to look so fabulous, just you wait :)

Some other fantastic things happening tomorrow:
LA-Tv is back!  
Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest does a live streaming online Tv show every so often, and tomorrow is going to be the best episode yet :)  Leigh-Ann will be accompanied by the ever so lovely Kyla.  They will be making homemade agendas which I am totally excited about.  And I am sure there will be lots of giggly funny moments because these two ladies are hilarious and super fun.

I am the sponsor for this particular episode, in which there will be 3 giveaways of my jewelry pieces live on the show!  You only get a chance at these items, valued at around $100, if you are watching the Tv show live at 7pm CST (For us West Coast kids, that means it will be held at 5pm.)
Here are some peeks at the lovely pieces that are up for grabs!
Watch LA-Tv tomorrow at 7pm CST, 5pm on the West Coast!  
I'll be chatting along with all of the other viewers too :)

Oh, and guess what else!
All day long on my blog tomorrow I am going to be posting 4 different giveaway opportunities 
with a total of 6 different prizes!  
I will even throw in a little FREE item for everyone too :)
See you tomorrow!

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Nate Berends said...

I'll be here. Done deal!