Sick for the Holidays

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Well, unfortunate news everyone. I flew to California on Tuesday and immediately got sick the next today. Today I have been completely useless. Just lying on the couch, in an out of consciousness, coughing up my lungs, you know, the horribly sick usuals. 
I failed to notice, until my day of flying out, that my flight had a layover in Portland.  Now the silly thing about that is that it only takes 25 minutes to fly from Seattle to Portland.  It is basically a pointless layover.  So I was a little frustrated that my usual 2 and a half hours of travel time turned into leaving my house in Seattle at 3:30 and arriving in California at 11pm.  A friend was flying in at midnight so my sister and I waited for him to give him a ride.  So we got home by 2am.  Too long of a traveling day.
I think the combo of everyone I live with in Seattle being sick + my boyfriend being sick + too much exhausting travel time + exhaustion from Holiday sales work + coming home to find my entire family was sick with colds and bronchitis = duh I was going to get sick.  Quite unfortunate.
I am super groggy and out of it so I will keep this post short, but please do pray that I get well asap.  I had planned on doing design work until Christmas day and taking off Dec 25-29 to have a real vacation with family and friends.  But I have been so sick and out of it that it has been impossible for me to focus on my work, and I really need the days after Christmas to be free and enjoyable with friends and family, not bogged down with work.  I love my work, but everyone needs a little break for the Holidays :)
Alright, back to coughing up my lungs.  No fun.  Pray for me friends!  Thank you!
ps, so glad I proof read this.  My spelling skillz drop by about 50% when I'm sick, ha!
<3 Moorea


Susanne said...

oh, poor you :(

get well soon and happy holidays!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, no! Hope you're feeling better quickly - at least good enough by Christmas that you can enjoy it!

becky said...

Get better, Moorea!

Sara Kate said...

Ugh, get better soon! I had the lung-ripping cough last week ... NOT fun. Sending wishes for good health your way!

Allie said...

Aw lady. Feel better. Sending you healthy vibes from So Cal. MERRY CHRIMBUS!

Donna said...

Yes, everyone absolutely needs a break for the holidays! Feel better and merry Christmas! :)