Sponsor Moorea-Seal.com!


Beginning January of 2011, Moorea-Seal.com will officially be hosting sponsors!
This past month, I had a daily high of over 1800 hits and my daily average views doubled!  I am expecting a great year ahead for my blog and the lovely folks who choose to sponsor it. :)  My blog is most commonly followed by women between the ages of 18-35 who love fashion, crafting, encouraging words, Etsy, music and DIY. 

I love promoting fellow bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and business owners through my blog.  And sponsoring my blog is a great way to get your name out there!
If you are interested in reserving a sponsor spot, please email me at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com.  Or directly email me by clicking here.
Please include :
1.  A link to your blog//shop//twitter.
2.  What size spot you would like to reserve.
3.  Whether you will create the ad yourself, or whether you need me to do so.  (I will create an Ad for you for free if you do not yet have one.)
4.  Tell me a little about yourself. :)




Amy T Schubert said...

You are super cute and awesome.
The end.

Moorea Seal said...

haha, thanks girl :)

Ashley said...

Hi hun, I hope I'm not bothering you! I've tried to contact you recently about the giveaway and advertising but haven't heard anything back from you. I just wanted to check in and make sure things were okay. (xx_badkarma_xx[at]yahoo.com)

Have a safe and happy New Year!