Stone & Honey

I went to Urban Craft Uprising in my city of Seattle this weekend and it was pretty great!  I got to meet a few different designers, crafters, and artists that I have admired for sometime, one being miss Theresa of Stone & Honey.  I LOVE her jewelry.  Crystals and triangles.  Hello!  Two of my very favorite things!  I absolutely had to snag a piece of her jewelry.
My new rings
I picked these 2 dainty little triangle rings that are made out of oxidized silver.  I rarely wear small and dainty jewelry, hence the giant crystal rings that I carry in my shop :)  But I thought, man, if there were ever a tiny ring that would suit me well, it is one of these...or two, heehee.  I have worn them everyday since the show and they look great next to one of my giant crystal rings too!  Perfection.

Stone & Honey
Stone & Honey
Theresa was super cute and super friendly. I hope you get to run into her at a craft show sometime soon too!

Pretty things

Check out the Stone & Honey shop here and Theresa's blog here.  So magical.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh goodness. You always find the prettiest things! And I really love the name of her shop.

alishalouise.com said...

Great pics! I love Teresa's jewelry too.

Zooooeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

sonofabitch!!! I miss Urban Craft Rising EVERY. YEAR. uugghghg.g.....maybenextyear...

Also, why weren't you at the eleventh annual Gage Academy Drawing Jam?!! you were missed!! Also, why have we not drawn together yet?! maybenextyear!!!! <3

George said...

Very cool pictures! I wish I could've been there! Looks like a blasty blast!

Raised By Wolves

Marisa Midori said...

Love those rings! So simple and elegant.

des said...

i fell in love with all of her stuff as well, for the exact same reason! i bought a turquoise triangle necklace and one of her terrariums! but those triangle rings you got are still haunting me :)