Top Ten Bloggers of 2010

This one is really hard to narrow down to ten because I have so many favorites and friends in the blogging world!  But if I haaad to pick my top 10, here's who they would be. And in no particular order...

 1.  Leigh Ann from Freckled Nest.
     Obviously, this woman has been a huge inspiration to me this year.  I started 2010 off by taking an Indie Biz course from her, and I ended the year as a member of her design team!  She has has been an incredible mentor to me as a business woman, and a dear friend as well.  Her wisdom has helped me in not only the design world but in my everyday life too.  She is an endless fountain of giggles and her blog gets better and better every month.  Lightness and Laughter, I love LA.

2.  Laura Bell from Oh Hi
     This girl is SO nice.  Like woah.  I found her blog earlier in the year, and as of the past few months, I have really connected with her.  She is one of those people who just seems to be bursting with talent and drive.  And she has that beautiful compliment of warmth and kindness to add to her talent that, as a perfect package, will drive her to the top!  It's so wonderful to meet really talented people who are also humble and ridiculously nice.   I hope I get to meet this girl in real life someday.

3.  Katrina from Pugly Pixel
     Katrina is such an lovely lady with an incredible eye for detail.  I have loved watching her expand her blog over the past year to incorporate awesome digital tutorials, premium downloads, and great references to design tips, tricks, and more.  I LOVE her aesthetic.  She balances white space and beautiful detailed images so perfectly.  She is absolutely my design hero of 2010.

4.  Allie from No Small Dreams
     My friend Allie is the Queen of girliness.  She manages to find the most beautiful and feminine things in the tiniest of places.  And her blog is a treasure trove for any girl who has ever had a love affair with dress up, make believe, and anything else fun and flirty that spans every age of "girl."  I love when she takes characters from movies or books and creates a "Style Icon" set of items that the character would wear or treasure.  She even created a style icon look for Mrs. Santa Claus!  Allie is one of my best friends in real life, and a top blogger favorite of mine on the web. :)

5.  Kyla from Kyla Roma.com
     Kyla has been a dear friend of mine through the blogging world over the past year or 2, but especially the last year.  We even got to meet up in person during this summer when she visited Seattle from her prairies in Canada.  She embodies such sweetness and gentleness.  Her blog is a beautiful reflection of the woman that she is.  Her posts are sincere and there is a special warmth in everything that she puts to the screen, be it in her photos, her designs, or her writing.  She is a gem.

6.  Elsie from A Beautiful Mess
    How could you not admire Elsie.  If you are even just pinky toe deep in the blogging world, you have to have stumbled across her blog once or twice.  I am just full on excited to visit her blog everyday.  She is bursting with creativity and business smarts.  I am so thankful she teaches so many great online classes because she is a main force in teaching bloggers and small online shop owners how to not only keep their lives focused, but alive and pumping with creativity and passion.  Taking Indie Biz with Leigh Ann and Elsie and Jill from Lune Vintage was possibly one of the most inspiring things I have ever done for myself as a small business owner.  Thanks you innovative ladies!

7.  Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling
     Kelly Ann's blog is probably my most recent favorite blog.  I found her blog about a month ago and I am a huge fan of her design style and music taste.  She and I have chatted a little bit back and forth too and she seems like a really sweet soul.  Though the blogging world is huge, I still feel like it is rare to find genuine voices that I deeply connect to.  I think Kelly Ann may be one of those rare treasures. :)

8.  Miss James from Bleubird Vintage
     I don't usually connect to blogs that are geared towards mommas with kids.  But James has a beautiful spin on the "Blogging Moms" style.  She has an incredible collection of vintage that she sells in her shop, and she reveals a future family lifestyle that I am actually interested in.  She's honest and presents herself, her style, and her family as they truly are and I admire that.  Plus she is way cute and I totally jive with her aesthetic.  Did I mention that her entire family looks like a collection of models?  Seriously.

9.  Anabela from Field Guided
     There is something about Anabela that is just magical.  She presents such an ethereal way of being through her blog.  Calm, Intelligence, Beauty, and a wonderful attention to detail.  Those are my favorite things about her and her blog.  I love the way she photographs things, and I love the things in those photographs.  I think her blog is a huge reason why I let myself finally jump into the land of loving neutrals and pastels.  Such a prettier way of being.

10.  Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage
     I fell in love with Nicole's blog as soon as I saw the beautiful illustrations in the sidebar.  Once I realized that they were modeled after her good looks and gorgeous outfits, I scanned through all of her fashion posts and super duper fell in love with her style.  She is probably the prettiest girl on the web, plus she has wonderful taste (I want to wear everything that she wears), and she is really friendly and down to earth too.  Check out her new shop when it launches.  You may spot some contributions from me.  In what way?  You'll see...

Who are some of your favorite bloggers from the last year?
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Ashley said...

sweet list. love finding discovering new blogs. =)

Carrie Rosalind said...

Thanks for sharing this list. I follow about half of them already but I'm going to check out the others right now. I love new reads! :)

Allie said...

Oh I'm so flattered to be on this list, especially in the company of such amazing bloggers. And on a list made by one of MY top bloggers :)

shaina said...

love this list!! i only knew of half of these blogs and im SOOOO eager to explore these new sources of inspiration. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i'm honored that pugly made your fabulous list -- thanks for making my day (and taco's as too)!!

much love to you,

Molly said...

I'm loving this list with some of my daily reads and some new ones to add to that list!

Diana said...

I love most of these women already, some are new to my blog feed! Thanks for the recs! <3

a day with kate said...

this is a great list! (and includes some of my favorite blogs). I just created my own top 10 blog list-- thanks for the inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

Love finding out about blogs I didn't know about before! Not that my Reader list needed more added to it....

Barbara said...

those are great! thanks for sharing

Regina said...

I'm really liking this post. Thank you! I've found some new blogs to add to my list. :)