Top Ten Etsy Shops of 2010

In no particular order...

     Her shop is incredibly well rounded with edgy & innovative styles of clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

2.  Yokoo
Her knits are so beautifully styled and draped.  Any woman who wears her knits looks like a walking piece of art.

3.  Knot & Bow
     I love their packaging materials.  I even use a few for my Etsy shop packaging.  Everyone loves a pretty package :)

4.  Caitlin Shearer
    Caitlin creates the most beautiful illustrations of curvy and mysterious women.  Each image is packed with narrative.

5.  Something's Hiding In Here
     They make so many incredible little things, from their 2010 line of bow ties to their wooden mustaches, I love it all.

6.  Thief & Bandit
    The most beautiful assortment of hand printed material used for jewelry and clothing.  And I love their leather feather headbands.

7.  Jacqueline Bos Illustration Shop
    I love her detailed, quirky illustration style.  Every drawing holds a little bit of magic.

8.  Forest Bound
    All of the gorgeous bags in her shop are right up my alley.  Earthy, woodsy, and impeccably made.  I want one so badly.

9.  Babooshka Boutique
    I am a huge fan of loose flowing tops.  Babooshka sells some really beautifully handmade tops that I am dying to snatch up.

10.  Danny Brito
    Danny creates the cutest characters and prints and paints them on anything imaginable, from buttons and paper to purses. Too cute.

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Louise said...

Oooh, I hadn't come across a couple of those! Very nice, thanks! Hope you had a delectable festive break x

a day with kate said...

How fun! I hadn't seen a few of these shops either. Always lovely to get new suggestions :) And thanks for the top-10 list inspiration... I just might have to do one...

kelly ann said...

some of these are my favourites, too! and some i've never heard of... i'm totally fixing that right now. ;)

hope you're feeling better!

Danny Brito said...

lovelovelove<3 thanks for including me

NorwegianWood said...

So many of these are in my top 10 as well :) I'm honored to be part of the list!

A Merry Mishap said...

Norweigan Wood always has great stuff!

when you're strange said...

They're also some of my favourites! ;)